New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 51

Can’t fall asleep. Can’t fall asleep. Can’t fall asleep. Can’t fall asleep. Ahhhhhh!!! Translations I guess >_<. Book 8, Chapter 51 – Wharton. Enjoy the read, and if you do, please remember to offer your warm thanks and a big round of applause to the generous donor who sponsored this chapter, JL of Australia! Thank you so much, JL!

T.T I’ll try to go to sleep again now….

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  1. Have you tried taking anything?
    Last time I had a stuffy nose and dry cough, I took some mucinex and it at least let me get some sleep.
    There might be some other things that would help too though. Especially if it’s designed for night time.

      1. Why would i? If Ren gets worse then we might not see translations at all for a longer peroid of time. Be rational, my boy! What we need is Ren being well 🙂

  2. I am often sick myself – and I know the not beeing able to sleep part then aswell. But I am not productive in that state at all.
    I am very thankful for your work on one hand – on the other side I really wish you to get better and rested as soon as possible.

    Take care

  3. I registered to tell you that you need to rest 🙁
    Your own health is important and we don’t want you to die of overwork as a result of getting this chapter out.
    Please rest! Get some sleep!

      1. You then see Ren commenting and not sleeping…..hmmmm wonder if he really will keep that promise (or Ren could make a chapter and wait to release it tmrrw). You need to make sure you will be able to go to work tomorrow man. Get some rest.

  4. unlucky wharton 🙁

    its easy to hate and discredit the bad childhood friends, but the good ones are pretty much untouchable because it would hurt your pride to try and discredit them :s

    but the show must go on xD can’t wait for the re-union, no1 would interfere with nina and wharton once they know about linleys current power xD

  5. Don’t make us tell your mom to come tie you to your bed. Get some rest man, even if it is just laying in bed with your eyes closed. We all appreciate you getting these chapters out for us, but don’t risk your health man. This will all be here tomorrow and the next day. Nobody is going to be angry that you take a day to rest when you are sick.

  6. I have such mixed feelings right now..

    -Feeling accomplish because we finally broke Ren as we said we would try and do in the beginning, even though it took over a month to do so 😉
    -Happy that even though Ren is sick he is still releasing chapter for us and earlier then normal too 🙂 yay!!!
    -Sad cuz even though he is sick he isnt able to get any sleep so he can get better faster

    but really man take a break, rest up if u end up getting worse instead of being better because u didnt rest but instead translated chapter for us we would all feel really bad 🙁

  7. Ren just asking was this the last chapter of the day? You never specified which left me somewhat hopeful ahah…i know you’re sick and I TOTALLY understand if you just relaxed for the rest of your day but the post never specified if that was your last chapter hahaha.. I’m probably the only one saying this but i know many others are refreshing often to see if we’re blessed with another one lol…

    other than that thanks for the whole translation man(u too donators!) Don’t overwork! Rather have no 4th chapter than a broken Ren lol

  8. If you cant sleep, and you’re not completely physically drained, try doing some pushups/situps or some other kind of exercise. I know that helps tire me out at the end of the day, and personally I never sleep better than when I work out right before bed 🙂

    Disclaimer: This idea is not suited for all people, and depending on your health and/or capability, is not suggested.

    Have a great rest! 😀

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