New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 5

Afternoon, folks! I thought I’d get this out earlier, but I ended up napping again. lol, I’ve been doing that a lot this weekend. Anyhow, enough chitchat! Here’s your second bonus chapter of the day – Book 8, Chapter 5 – The Mysterious Black Panther. Enjoy the read, friends! Newcomers, remember, you can help support Wuxia World by turning off your Adblock (the ads here are click-based)!

As with the previous chapter, this bonus chapter was brought to you via our generous donor, SS of Virginia. Thanks yet again, SS! Big round of applause to you! Enjoy the chapter, readers, and thank you for being supporters of Coiling Dragon and Wuxia World! Muah! Now for a quick nap and dinner before I begin work on the final (?) bonus chapter for today!

EDIT: And thank you for the kind donation from ‘Deila NOT’!  Your donation has been added to the queue for Chapter 7!  Big thanks to the generous donation from JR of Illinois!  You have cleared the queues for Chapter 7 and Chapter 8, and started the queue for Chapter 9!  Thank you!

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