New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 47

Alright, gang, we’re kinda back on the normal schedule’ish!  You guys lucked out in that because of the lunch conference, I got home early, as otherwise this wouldn’t be out for another two hours, and this would probably be a 2 chapter day xD.  Anyhow, here is an exciting title for an exciting chapter – Book 8, Chapter 47 – The Angel Battle Formation.  Enjoy the read and if you do, please remember to offer a round of applause to Feirts, who generously sponsored both this chapter and the next one!  Thank you, Feirts!

A few quick things to announce.  One, I THINK I’ve managed to disable the ‘flood control’, so you should never see the “slow down, you are posting too fast!” message again.  Second, as of yesterday, we reached a new milestone; we had a grand total of 200,000 views yesterday!  Now, that’s probably because the F5 army went into overtime, but still, it’s quite something xD.  Just wanted to share with you guys!

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  1. 200,000 page views? Why do I remember the good old times when TheLeecher alone had 7-8k refreshes a day? 😀

    We’re going to need a poll on how often readers refresh! 😛

    Thanks Ren.

  2. Thanks so much for the translation. Whenever I find a Novel that I really like I always get caught up within days then dread waiting weeks for the next update. Seems like I’ve finally found one that is constantly being updated.

    Thanks so much for your dedication and sometimes putting out up to four new chapters in a day!

  3. thank you RWX.
    there is 2 version of the siteweb ? because some time it switch on my computer with another version but i think it’s the version for tablette ?

    thx a lot Feirts !!

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