New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 44

Afternoon, friends! Thanks to getting up at 6 AM to take on TheLeecher’s challenges, I’m making exceptionally good time today, aren’t I? Here is your second chapter of the day, and your first sponsored one; Book 8, Chapter 44 – Neighbors. Enjoy the read, and if you do, please remember to thank JR of Illinois, who so generously sponsored this chapter! Thank you so much, JR!

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EDIT: Ahhh, CRAP!!! I translated the wrong chapter! I THOUGHT something was off, but I was so busy translating I didn’t pay attention. This was chapter 44, not chapter 43! I accidentally skipped Chapter 43! Ahhh!!!!! *mad* *mad* *mad* Sorry gang. I’m leaving it up because people have posted on it already, but if you don’t want to be spoiled/want to read in correct sequence, give me another 3-4 hours to put up Chapter 43. *rant*

38 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 44” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hehe. I was one of those that hardly noticed something was missing.
    Admittedly I did wonder how they reached the capital so fast, but that’s mainly because i thought the angels would ambush them on the road, which obviously didn’t happen!

  2. So how much money do you have to add to the queue for this slip up Ren?

    Just kidding :). Anyway thanks Ren for translating this chapter and thank you to the donors who sponsored it!

      1. I’m joking lol ren, it was just too funny to pass up the opportunity.

        though it doesn’t help my entire family seem to be sadistic by nature :3

  3. LOL I was excited for a second thinking we’d gotten a surprise two chapter release, then I scrolled down to start reading chapter 43 and …

    This is torture.

  4. Thank god I didn’t read this chapter, my innocent eyes are still intact for chapter 43. Then I’ll read this XD

  5. I was so excited when is saw the new release it made my morning….then I realized it wasn’t the right chapter and I think I died a little inside xD. ok not that bad but the disappointment was there! I eagerly await 43! thanks for all your hard work though ren this is definitely one of the stories I’m constantly checking for releases on.

  6. grr well darn i read the chapter a little confused the moment it was out only now that i check back it turned out to be a *spoiler* released by Ren to mess with us ..
    My poor pure eyes just got tainted with a spoiler by the translator himself and i did not notice a thing …*cries* well IET does not make to many large plot progress in between one chapter and the next that it is that big a spoiler now just need the rest to link it together then reread this chapter to cleanse my eyes of tainted spoiler.
    Silly Ren took TheLeecher’s challenges and made the largest mistake yet of wrong chapter translated.

    1. It was not that spoilery to begin with, Ch 44 has not much to do with Ch 43 as it seems. We will prooly get to know more about angels group, that is all.

  7. Come on Ren release this chapter already i know that you are at last parts of work on it because you took a second to check donations several minutes ago, i am tired of waiting! I need to wake up to work tommorow! Geez! 😛 Look what an addict i became because of you! Haha 😀 — Well, i was a freak to begin with, so nothing to worry about, haha 😀

  8. “At this time, in the manor adjoining Linley’s, the person who was renting that manner had climbed over the wall and was peeking in this direction.”

    manner needs to be manor i think 😡

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