New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 41

The fourth and final sponsored chapter of the day has been released! Hopefully, without any errors, because TheLeecher’s second challenge, the ‘Accuracy Run’, is in effect; if you, readers, can find an error in this chapter, I will add $25 to the queue! If you do not, then TheLeecher will deduct 75 from his queue and consider that part of his donation ‘cleared’ XD. Good luck friends!

EDIT: I failed the challenge. Two errors! After I triple-checked! How is this possible! T.T $25 added to the queue.

Oh – and of course, let me introduce the chapter itself. This is Book 8, Chapter 41 – The Power of the Hundred Layered Waves. Enjoy the read, and if you to, please make sure you silently or openly thank DG of Germany, who sponsored this chapter as well as the past two chapters!

Lastly, let me flog Adsense one more time; please consider turning off Adblock for this site, new friends! XD

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    1. Basically, if I fail the challenge (which I just did), I add to the queue despite no one donating. If I succeed in the challenge, then $75 of the donation from TheLeecher will be removed from the queue and just be considered a total no strings attached gift xD. But alas, I failed at my first attempt! T.T

    1. deathan1me, thank you so much for registering and joining our little community! Thank you for your donation as well! I’ll go ahead and add everything to the queue. Thanks for your support! 🙂

  1. Hey – Thanks for a great piece of work, yet again. Working odd hours, so always nice to come home to your lunch time chapter! 🙂

    Do you have any tips for translation?

    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

    1. Hi RunWild, welcome to our little community, and thanks for registering! What sort of tips do you mean? The best tip I can give is once you start, to persevere, because it gradually gets easier. Also, start with something that interests you and isn’t too dense; otherwise, you’ll lose steam and interest fast.

      1. Thanks for the tip ^^
        I was thinking along those lines, also more towards how to get a hang of the translation – I guess i just got to keep trying and work hard.

          1. I’m currently translating Zhan Long together with “Goodguyperson”

            Well i think its fun to try to learn and get better at translation, but its hard work 🙂

          2. Oh, so you are ‘helloshorty’ on SPCNET? I remember seeing your post! Translating definitely is tough, but it can be fun as well, am I right? 😀 Is this a new effort, or have you worked on other Chinese series before? I think you are pulling double duty on Zhan Long and DPCQ, am I right?

          3. Sorry, you’re mistaken, im not helloshorty ^^ Through wish I were.

            But yes indeed, it can be quite fun! One of the reasons i’m doing it aside from wanting to improve 🙂

            He decided to drop it around chapter 10, where goodguyperson picked it up. I’m helping him(goodguyperson), primary doing translation, but also a bit of editing 🙂
            Through im not sure if he has picked it up again recently?

  2. hey ren, dont know if its jut me but the light/dark setting seems to be a bit buggy on my end. using google chrome and while the box says light and is supposed to load white, it loads the dark black instead. not really a problem since i use the dark anyways (easier on my poor eyes) but on the dark setting, the image in the top banner seems to “hang over” quite a bit :S

    thanks for the chapter ^^ cant wait for the next one haha. hopefully she found a good guy, otherwise linley might just kill a person or 2 xD

          1. i have a script blocker, but its set to trust all scripts run by your website. as for adblocker, i only have kaspersky for antivirus and internetsecurity. chrome doesnt allow kaspersky to run its adblocker, it both does and doesnt block ad’s which causes me quite a headache when certain ad’s display while others don’t :S

            edit:got display to run the adverts after a few setting tweaks but the image still hangs over on dark setting.

          2. Weird. I’ll send it over to my guy. It’s really weird though, because I’m a chrome user as well, and I haven’t seen any of these problems.

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