New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 4

Good mooooornin’, folks!  Happy MLK day, for those of us in the States!  Since it’s a holiday for us, I was able to get this chapter out for you guys a bit earlier than usual.  Presenting, for you reading pleasure, Book 8, Chapter 4 – The Black Shadow.  Enjoy the early read, gang!  New friends and fans, you can help support Wuxia World by turning off your Adblock!

This bonus chapter (and the next) was brought to you courtesy of SS of Virginia.  Big round of thanks and applause to SS for the generous donation!  As always, let me thank all the readers for coming and joining us here at Wuxia World.  We’re very lucky to have you!  😀

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  1. Thank you for translating this wonderful story, I discovered this story a few days ago, and I am enjoying it a great deal. Thank you for your great work and your speedy translations.

    1. I don’t thinks it’s been mentioned since Linley’s “stay” with the radiant church. Would not surprise me though if it popped up later on. Currently he’s so flush with treasure, that mentioning one core is somewhat redundant, but if he ever decides to make a staff for his magic or something….

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