New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 37

Yaaaawn.  Sorry, it came out even later than I thought.  I got really, really sleepy.  I thought about leaving this for tomorrow, but I promised a certain someone in contents that it would definitely come out today.  So here ya go!  The third sponsored chapter of the night; Book 8, Chapter 37 – The Undying Warriors.  Enjoy the read!  And, if you do, please remember to mentally (or even better, verbally) offer a warm round of applause once again to our generous donor, WHY of Vancouver who sponsored this chapter.

Also, per a forum suggestion, I’ve activated a ‘share’ plugin via Jetpack, so if you guys want to share to Farebook/Reddit/whatever more easily, here ya go!  Alright, good night guys!  I’m so off to bed now.

11 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 37” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter, Ren. ovo)b
    I was just wondering if it would be possible to release these midnight chapters in the morning instead.
    I know I love this light novel and wait up for them.
    It would be a great motivation in the morning to wake up knowing there’s a chapter waiting. Maybe I’ll be on time for my classes sometimes xD
    Just a suggestion. Perhaps others don’t feel the same way and would rather have a chapter out as early as possible.

      1. lol

        midnight for ren is 5am for me. i am usually up by 7-8am and that gives me a morning chapter to enjoy until 5pm comes when ren usually makes his lunchtime post.

        im just happy we get chapters consistently, nothing worse than getting hooked and then suddenly being unable to get your fix 😛

  2. sorry for commenting about another story but I’m reading it on google docs so I can’t there, Dolou Dalu is a good story but whyyyy is the 36y old MC getting horny over a 6y girl?

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