New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 35

Mornin’ friends! Today’s Friday! Are you guys happy? I’m happy; Fridays are awesome! Here for your Friday lunch time reading is Book 8, Chapter 35 – The Profound Truths of the Earth. This sponsored chapter was brought to you by our generous donor, AS of the Maldives. Thank you so much for your generosity, AS! Big round of applause!

We’re gonna have a fun, busy weekend today, folks. Hope you guys are ready to do some readin’ XD

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  1. seems the queue is already to end of the book :O

    i’m beginning to worry of your health man.. i don’t think anyone would mind if you take break one or two days once the current book is finished.

    hopefully you can stay healthy. that’s a lot of brainpower you’re squeezing out.

  2. Can you assemble the chapters for fully released books and make a full book for reading instead of chapter by chapter reading? It is not that important but would be nice to have it. And great work btw. 🙂

    1. Hi laxarus, this comes up every so often. I’ll consider it if/when I finish the entire novel, I guess, but honestly, it just feels nicer in chapters (which is how the original book as online as well). Anyhow, thanks for registering and joining our little community!

  3. Oh great. A nice cliffhanger before I go to sleep (it’s 0230 here)

    Why did I bother to read it btw? I should wait till the next chapter is released. Damn you, my curiousity…..

    Thanks for the release :>

    1. Oh, Ren, can you add a link to your thread on spcnet so people know where to contact you or get updates in the case the website goes down (God forbid)? Maybe under “About Wuxia World”

  4. holy mother of god last night i saw $1730 or something then i woke up and saw it nearing $2000?

    does that mean the whole book 8 queue is done

    ooops i just saw the queue for book 9 already start 😀

  5. I just wanted to know out of curiosity… But with all this translations, have you slowly been getting better/faster at it? Or is it sticking around similar speeds as it was when you began? ^_^

    1. I think my translation speed is pretty much a plateau, honestly, since I’ve been doing this for quite a few years. I think I produce them a bit faster now, not because I’m translating faster, but because I now have finally built up an actual glossary. One of the toughest parts was coming up with the English names of various characters as well as translating the ‘framework’ terms. Now that I have all the names there and have a good sense of how I want to name things, it makes things a lot easier 🙂

  6. the suspense, can’t wait for the next chapter! thanks again RWX!
    btw U should make a thread in the forum so we can say where we come from. would be fun to actually know where everyone’s from 🙂

          1. Think of it like the facebook chat system (or your phone text messages) but just with a lot of people and it being hosted on your own website through the use of a plugin/software from a 3rd party.
            if you ever do decide to get one make it one like this website uses
            Its the “live chat” thing on the right side of the website.
            Chatango and chatwing and all the other BS chats are just annoying and screws up with your website waaaay to much most of the time.

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