New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 34

Alriiiight, you crazy people. I’ve had some time to recover from my shock, and goshdarnit, that queue WILL be cleared. Grr! Challenge accepted! Here’s your third and final sponsored chapter of the day/night – Book 8, Chapter 34 – In Dire Straits. Enjoy the read, and if you do, please remember to offer a round of applause for the generous donor who sponsored this chapter, AS of the Maldives! Thanks so much, AS!

Also, as always, new friends, remember to consider having your Adblock off at Wuxia World! While the translations are supported by donations, the site is supported by our ads, so thank you so much! XD

EDIT: OMG…I ended the night with my queue higher than when it began. Thank you so much, Metazone and Feirts…but I’m going to go cry myself to bed now T.T haha…  EDIT 2: Woke up, cried some more.  Thank you all so much!  Oh man, I’m going to be so busy for so long  T.T  X_X

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  1. ….RIP Ren but only after the last book is done you are really biting hard into the we will donate with these words “Cleared” and “Queue” today..

    Damn 21+ chapters well i did say in the trolled message 20+ chapters so i guess u guessed right on how today will end in terms of the queue.

  2. Just registered to leave a comment.

    Well, this is not a “This t/l sucks” kind of hate comment or flaming.

    For those who don’t want to read, then don’t. And you can delete my account anytime you want 😀 Cheerios.

    I’m active in a chat that also t/l novels, and i must say, people are going on and on and on about how much money ren is earning.
    And i have to ask, is it worth to donate so much to a single t/l?

    When manga t/l asks for donations, you people care hoot about them and even say that they are blood suckers(in terms of money)
    Please, donate in small amounts, you are causing t/l around to lose their trust in their t/l.
    With all the rage that this is doing, people will start thinking: ” Why am i doing free t/l? I should just ask people to give me money to t/l”

    This will be like a spark that leads to a big bad explosive, that makes every t/l involves around money.

    Donate in small amounts is okay. But when you start donating in large amounts, t/l will find that it’s okay to just sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.
    Or as what my mental picture shows: old scrooge swimming in a pile of cash

    And can you honestly say, that the money you donated is 100% yours? Or are you just using your parent’s money for your own enjoyment. If you are using your parent’s money, how stuck up can you be, rich spoiled brats that you are.

    People earn money through hard work, and they contribute to society, pay taxes etc.
    And yeah, when people work, they earn money and have to pay taxes. That is how the economy goes. Donations are not included inside the taxes.
    Also, if you have the time to donate large amounts of money, you should also spare some for those who are poor. They have no money, feeding on grubs that are found in trash cans, and in some countries, feeding on soil and tree barks to make themselves full..

    Earn some good karma, go out and help.

    And once again, i reiterate, i don’t care about you people donating in small amounts to keep ren motivated to translate.

    But keep it in moderation, know your limits, stop wasting money.

    Last but not least,

    Sorry Ren, if posting this offended you. But sometimes people need a kick in the ass. And i might even get hate mails inside this account, or maybe get stalked like that slaughter girl on the internet. 😛
    Since people are so rich that they can donate in thousands, who says they can’t hire people to find out my private info *shivers*

    Cheerios 😀

    1. Hi Bakaturq,

      Thanks for registering and expressing your opinions. I’ll leave it here, although it would literally take me just a second to delete it, because I believe everyone has the right to express their opinions politely, which you have done. I will just say one thing, and leave it at that; throughout the thousands of posts/comments I’ve made here and at SPCNET, I’ve never asked or actively solicited a single donation, ever. What the fans and friends have done here, they have done of their own volition (for which I have nothing but the utmost of appreciation for them), and in return, in this month, I’ve spent around 300 hours of my life (on top of my normal 40 hour/week job) providing them with what I hope they feel is quality content.

      Other than that, I don’t have much else to say, rather than wishing you and your translator/scanlator friends good luck in your own endeavors. My only suggestion is that you at least try to tone down or hide the evident hostility that some of you and your unnamed friends seem to feel towards the fans; it may be helpful in attracting more of them. 🙂



    2. You Sir, are the one who is most jealous and “salty”. Other translators? There are a few there who could manage to reach the same lvl of donations as Ren i assure you. They just dont have enough time, or enough willingless to work 10 hours a day on translation, be in job for 7-8 and sleep for 6…

      Also, per western standards, donating per persona of around 50-100$ is really not that much, even for “kids” from middle-ranked families.

      I could say something to every part of your post in regards to how stupid, and annoying you are being, but i will not bother.

      This little comunity here will know just after a glance at your post, that all you care about is yourself, and you are trying to justify that feelings or jealousness and lust by spamming “just” causes before that, while in reality, all you want is to get money of being translator and can not bear to see someone else doing well. You are just like some Kouki and just like some Hiyama from some other novel i read, huh.


      Gosh, well, such people ąre bound to appear. Sigh. Don’t mind them Ren! Dont’t let such a BS talk get to you, you are awesome man! 🙂

    3. @ bakaTurq

      lol ..
      you know there is certain factor called “trust” before we trying to spend our money especially someone as poor as me
      and trust isn’t something that can built up over night ,
      so how come many people here spend few bucks or hundred of their money to donation ,because REN has been prove himself that he can be trusted by that speedy TL / Bonus Release even normal TL that he promise us is good ( 1-2 chapter each week is good then some people trying to do donation and viola he prove himself that he keep his promise ,3 chapter each day in last week is seriously fast ) so by this fact alone we could conclude REN can be trusted to get some donation – for now – (sorry REN ,no hard feeling okay ? XD )
      although i wanted to do donation ,i dont have any CC here ,its too much bother for me 🙁

      1. Hi phoenom, thanks for registering and for the kind words! Don’t worry about donations if it’s too much of a hassle, just enjoy the ride. Thanks for joining our little community! 🙂

    4. Actually i was going to wait before registering an account until i have an internet connetion in my pc and maybe donate some money if i can because it really is annoying doing that on the phone (for an unrelated reason i can only use my phone for internet) but after i read this i decided to go through that anyway…

      every single word on your post cries out ugly emotions

      Arrogance… and many more, actually good job of showing that many emotions in so few words…

      first of all what gives you the right to tell people what to do with their money? Or speak on behalf of all the translators out there? İ can make paper planes with my money if i want and you cant have a say in this… you have a convenient ‘misunderstanding(!)’ about why people work. People doesnt work to pay taxes, they work because they want to do whatever the hell they want with their money. Be it giving it to charity spending on a night out with friends or in this case reading the book they want and thanking the person who makes it available. Also i earn my own money but even if i did take money from my family it still is non of your damn bussiness…

      There are still more things i want to say but i will leave it here because it really is annoying doing this on the small screen of the phone…

      Btw ren since this is my first post i apologize for opening account for such reason and really thak you for all your hard work since i also did some documentary translations myself i know how hard it is sticking to original text and also giving the same emotions in a diffrent language. I really appreciate your quality of work

      1. Thank you for registering and for your words of support, ghrrrr! I really do appreciate it. I’m glad you are enjoying your time here! Can I ask what translations you’ve worked on? I’m always curious about what the greater translator’s community as a whole is doing. Honestly speaking, documentary translations are super-tough, way harder than what I’m doing, I think! 🙂

    5. if this is how you talk to your own readers, and not just other TL readers, then i can understand why you get no donations. the vast majority of Manga/LN TL’s are people who do it in their spare time and arent willing to put in the time ren does. as a matter of fact the only one i know of that is even close is Bagelson from Bluesilver Translations. I follow quite a bit of manga/LN TL’s and would donate my 50+ bucks a month to them too if they showed half the Gumption Ren Has.

      Also i believe that the LN crowd is a much more mature community on the whole. most with jobs and such. we appreciate the Value of the time Ren spends on his TL’s and understand that $80 for 3 or 4 hours of his time isnt “Raking it in” i view it like he is working overtime. i get 24.50 per hour working overtime. id say the price is reasonable.

      if you would like to get some donations on your site i can suggest the following:
      1. treat your readers like they have brains
      2. Keep your commitments
      3. dont try to solicit money. put a little donate button somewhere and the readers that want to find it will find it. it always turns me off from donating if i see flashing lights and arrows pointing at the donate button.
      4. offer incentives for donating. figure out what you can feesably do in a specific period of time and offer that when x figure is reached you will do a chapter in Y amount of time! ohh and dont forget #2

    6. I just created an account to respond to this wishful world savior that lives in a bubble.

      How is this situation different from kids playing video games on How is that different from professional Baseball players? Are they actually working or are they doing something they are amazing at? How is that different from going to a football or soccer game and paying extraordinary amounts on tickets and seats. People pay for things that keep them happy. Ren is keeping us happy and he’s pushing quality products which people are willing to donate for.

      I bet you one thing though as someone who works in the IT industry. He most likely makes more at his day job including benefits/vac than he could translating for the amount that he’s asking per chapter in conjunction to the time he puts in.

      You said “stop wasting money” on someone (Ren) that does amazing work.
      Ren has been donating his time for us 2-3 chapters / week that’s like 6-9 hours a week.

      Let’s assume he makes around $40/hr(very rough estimate) at his day job that’s $240-$360 he is donating to us every week? Isn’t that unfair? Why should he be giving that kind of money to us???

      I just hope Ren doesn’t overwork himself…

      But I love this novel, it’s so damn good almost like crack. I started reading like 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t stop it was impeding my ability to sleep and get up for work every morning. I’m finally caught up but I’m refreshing the site for the next chapter every chance I get.

      1. Hi starmatrix! Your figures are pretty close, haha, although you aren’t counting that overtime is usually 1.5x 😛 haha. Anyhow, thanks for being a fan, and for registering and joining our little community!

    7. Wow you are so salty. Who are you to tell people how to spend their money? Your entire misguided argument just reeks of “social justice warrior,” but at the same time it’s a jealous rant whining about how not every translator is as trusted by fans as Ren. If you want to have the fans’ trust and donations, try spending 10 years like Ren on what you love and enjoy. Fans won’t give shit to people who expect to make a buck or two, the fan translations will always continue because people enjoy sharing the works they love. If they only want money, then that just shows what they’re like.

  3. I believe that the influx of donating is because it is the end of the month. People are getting their paychecks and are able to donate. Been lurking around for quite a while now without posting.

    I give my thanks for the speedy translation service you provide Ren

  4. Holy crap.. I thought last week was bad. Tyvm Ren and all the donators…please don’t run ren ragged lol maybe disable the donate bar next time you say que cleared and take a weekend or week to recoup lol 🙂

    1. as a matter of fact, you should disable the donation button now because 2000% almost puts us at completing this book. And maybe you should take a break after it to get some rest. Thank you very much.

      1. I will say it again and again, disabling donations will only make people sad. And it can lead to decrease in future donations. As most of Coiling Dragon&Ren fans would not want that – just drop the idea.

        All we need is that Ren rememebers to keep himself in good shape. It really wont hurt if only 1-2 chapters are released at days when he feels tired and wants to go to sleep earlier. After all, if he gets sick, it means no translations at all! Yup.

  5. Ren is already working harder than Linley, yet people keep trying to break donating record… Rip Ren. You should at least reach deity level to keep up donators.

  6. Hi rwx,

    i just made an account for only 2 words :Thank you!
    Ive been on this site for a month and gosh your just like a Translation god!
    keep up the goodwork , but don’t overexert yourself!

  7. Just wanted to say Thanks Ren for the speedy, quality translations, and Thanks to the Donators for more chapters faster :D. With regards to the massive queue, all I can say is good luck, wish you good health and godspeed (not sure if the word use is correct for this case, but whatever :P).

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