New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 33

Sorry this came out slightly later; I was in a bit of shock + delayed from doing all that math and tabulating up the donors.  I mean, just, wow.  You guys are crazy.  Crazy awesome.  Best fans in the world.  Book 8, Chapter 33 – The Four Bros’ Paths has been released.  Enjoy the read, guys.  I need to take a quick walk to cool down.  Wow.

OH!  And I would be highly, highly remiss to not ask you all to give a warm round of applause for the generous donors who sponsored this chapter!  These wonderful people are: Mangochic, JE of California, adderz, MSMD of Malaysia, Cloudex, and ZW of Ontario.  Thank you guys so much!  And thank you for reading and commenting, friends!

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