New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 30

Good afternoon, friends!  Off work yet?  I am!  Although I’m kind of ‘at work’, if you know what I mean, har har har.  Anyhow, here’s your second sponsored chapter of the day, brought to you courtesy of our lovely donors, JH of New York, jeddaifou, Crushow, Avid_reader, JH of the UK, and DM of the Phillippines!  We all owe them a big round of applause.  Thanks so much, guys!  They have brought you Book 8, Chapter 30 – The Five Year Agreement.  Enjoy the read, and thanks for continuing to be fans!

Now that I’ve gotten the ‘Infolinksgate’ out of the way, I will once more unashamedly flog our Amazon Affiliate link, and express the hope that y’all will continue to have your Adblock off so that our unobtrusive Google Adsense ads show up xD.  Thanks gang!

EDIT: Also, I would really like to thank whoever the two fans are that posted on and on; we got about 100 or so new visitors (or at least clicks) through those two postings. Thanks so much for the extra exposure, guys! XD

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    1. Haha, thanks for registering and joining our little community, ChrisKrewz! That crazy spike was an anomaly; donations usually rise when the queue hits zero XD

  1. So Ren do these ads generate income when they are viewed or when someone clicks on them? (never did bother to click on them since they are mostly German online games that look rather shady)

  2. It is interesting how we all thought that Ren posting three chapters a day was monstrous about two months ago n now its a daily occurrence.. Its amazing that you do that consistently for the last two month plus the couple of “tranlatathons”…. Thx for all the chaps….

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