New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 3

Yaaawn. So I may have fallen asleep mid translation again. LOL. But I still managed to get it out, right? Here’s your third and final bonus chapter of the day – Book 8, Chapter 3 – A Slaughter. Enjoy the read, friends! New friends and fans, you can help support Wuxia World by turning off your Adblock and, if you are U.S. customer, by doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate links!

The thanks for this bonus chapter should get to our donors, AK of Arizona, Blackbirdy, JI of Iowa, Flipnautic, JY of Hawaii, and AG of Italy. Big round of applause to all of you guys! Thanks so much for your generosity! And thanks to you, Wuxia World readers, for your continuing support and patronage! 😀

EDIT: And thanks to honaidy for your donation!  It has gone to the queue for Chapter 6!  Thanks so much!

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  1. thanks so much!!!! i took a break when you were on book 6 and was finally able to start reading from there just a few hours ago. and i got to say that i’m so glad because the emotional roller coaster we got put through would have just killed me!!!! so i just want to say thank you one more time for the good work you do for us lovers of epic reads.

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