New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 28

Here you go, friends; your third and final sponsored chapter of the day!  Book 8, Chapter 28 – Flower-Like Sisters.  Enjoy the read!  I’m suuuuuper sleepy.   zzzzz!

Buuut!  I can’t go to sleep without first thanking our awesome donors, who deserve a round of applause for sponsoring this chapter!  Big thanks to Gren, MY of Texas, Crushow, Evrin, LF of the UK, KS of the Netherlands, and NK of the Netherlands.  Thanks so much, guys!  And thanks to all fans, readers, and commenters of Coiling Dragon!  Thank you all for being here!  🙂

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  1. Just a quick question:
    Why does my browser display the homepage in two formats?
    One format is where all the text is stretched out.
    The other one is where it’s normal.

    1. Depending on browser sometimes, the mobile theme detects browsers incorrectly; the stretched out one should be the mobile theme. Usually a refresh solves it. We’re looking into what to do about it.

  2. Short too short i finished this so fast or maybe it the switch from relaxed chapters to action that i got drawn into and finished it faster either way it was shoort.
    thanks man rest and feed ur lovable cult of leechs soon since this is getting to the best part of the book the Chaos/Action part that is.

  3. thanks ren.
    but i really feels these chapters from a while are a little to short.
    these finished within minutes and kill all joy.
    and my very thanks to the donors.

  4. Last night, the chapter was out before the homepage and side bar was updated. After reading chapter 28, I checked to see the news of it being out was on the homepage yet. And it wasn’t.

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