New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 27

Evenin’, friends! Sorry about the little mishap with InfoLinks earlier; that’s gone now, and not coming back (will post more later on that). More importantly though, here’s your second sponsored chapter of the day, ready for your after-work break-time viewing! Book 8, Chapter 27 – Secrets of the Church. What secrets, I wonder? Read and find out!

This chapter was sponsored by an anonymous donor, ZW of Ontario, AC of Georgia, and honaidy for clearing the queue for Chapter 27! Thank you all so much for your kindness, and a big round of applause to all of you! Thank you, readers, as well! Time for dinner, then back to work. See you in a few hours for the third chapter! XD

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  1. What is your opinion about post edited machine translations? I have time and wanted to try since there are other web novels and light novels that I want to read. I thought that I might start with coiling dragon since it is long and my favorite. I was wondering if these would speed up releases or if you preferred using your own method.

    1. Ehhh, not to discourage you, but I despise them. They are like reading badly written spoilers, imho. You get some the facts but none of the flavor, and it all but causes me physical pain to read those. Sorry!

    2. I tried and I failed.
      On a Japanese web novel.

      No matter how many times I compare with several machine translator, I just can’t make out a proper word or meaning.

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