New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 26

Whew! Sorry this is slightly late, gang; I was running kind of late to work, so I got to lunch a bit later as well. Nonetheless, we still got this out for ya for your lunch time’ish reading! The first chapter of the day, Book 8, Chapter 26 – Mutual Trust has been released! Enjoy the read, gang! And when you do, please remember to thank the generous donors who sponsored this chapter: EB of France, LEP of the Phillippines, AG of Italy, AY of West Virginia, and DM of the UK. Thank you all so much! And as always, thank you, readers, for your support of Wuxia World!

Some of you may have noticed (and been irritated) by the text links which just popped up. Sorry about that; I was playing around with InfoLink, and somehow, the ads became active, when I thought I hadn’t meant for them to be active yet. I’ll disable them once I get home, since my work computer has certain restrictions on it. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for any annoyance they may cause in the next few hours!

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  1. Thanks Ren for the chapter. I’m getting an infolink ad that pops up from the bottom of the page. It’s pretty annoying. Can you look into that and maybe get it removed?

  2. Oh thank god… I thought i had some malware and spent half an hour hunting to see if i some how downloaded something… But none the less thanks for the release and stay warm! =D

    1. Oh man, I am very sorry about this, tessler! I’ll disable it when I get home. Thanks for joining our little community, and glad you enjoyed the read!

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