New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 24

Hi all, back home and rested after work?  Here’s your second sponsored chapter of the day, which came to you courtesy of AL of Georgia, who sponsored this chapter!  Thank you so much, AL!  Big round of applause!  And thank all of you readers for being part of this community!  Book 8, Chapter 24 – Zassler.

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    1. Please see my previous comment: “As you might have noticed, I ended up taking a ‘rest day’ last week, which I planned to spend doing a single chapter. Instead, I got caught up in website renovation and spent the remaining time re-editing and uploading the entire book, ‘Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre’ which I had previously translated, for your viewing pleasure. Having read both Coiling Dragon and H/BM/S, I think that is a more than fair trade xD. Give it a shot!”

        1. it suppose to hit really bad in NY after midnight. I even read it one web about thundersnow. Must be Linely practicing on the east coast. lol.

          wow just got warning, all local non emergency traffic is banned after 11pm. wow that a first.

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