New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 23

Hi guys! That was a crazy weekend, whew. Don’t know how I got out four chapters twice in a row. XD. Here’s your regular lunch reading! Book 8, Chapter 23 – The Cardinal is up, thanks to our generous donors: AK of Arizona, BJ of Singapore, AgeofHades, ckh998, BG of Australia, MP of Slovakia, HR of the UK, DV of Maryland, MRA of the Phillippines, and BlueFireGod! Big round of applause to them, and thank all of you for your continuing support!

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    1. he didn’t have time, I mean he was pumping out 3 chapters a day on work days and managed to get 4 chapters both Saturday and Sunday, so no he didn’t.

      1. Something like that anyway. He finally took a day off, which is fair. And then when he came back there were 10 bonus chapters queued up. And after the website issue, doing 2/4/4, and one today so far, there are still 3 in queue. The donors aren’t leaving him enough time for a free one so far, or regular sleep,lol. *shrug*

    2. Thanks for registering, and welcome to our little community, Alex123! As you might have noticed, I ended up taking a ‘rest day’ last week, which I planned to spend doing a single chapter. Instead, I got caught up in website renovation and spent the remaining time re-editing and uploading the entire book, ‘Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre’ which I had previously translated, for your viewing pleasure. Having read both Coiling Dragon and H/BM/S, I think that is a more than fair trade xD. Give it a shot!

  1. just “read” the so called manhwa from this novel… dafuq is that shit.. linley looks like a 10 years old whens he´s supposed to be more than 17…

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