New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 19

Whew, sorry it is slightly late!  I got distracted this morning.  Here is your first sponsored chapter of the day: Book 8, Chapter 19 – Search and Seizure.  Enjoy the read, friends!  This bonus chapter, as well as the next two, were both brought to you by our awesome, generous sponsor, BG of Australia.  Thanks so much, BG!  Big round of applause!

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  1. The mobile site seems to be back up again and it looks pretty good. The only thing I would say is that I liked it more on mobile when the posts were cut off a little (as in the whole post wasn’t shown, just some of it) this made it much easier to look at some of the older posts.

    Just my $0.02 though

    Edit: Forgot to say Thanks for the new chapter XD

    1. Also, the light/dark mode button is visible in mobile but doesn’t yet do anything (I know you guys were talking about setting it up so I figured I would say something)

  2. Hey ren i have a found a problem in the donation meter sometimes it would show 505 euro/dollars, and when i viside another page it shows 510.
    and when i go to the home page it is 570 so it is really weird
    can you check that maybe?
    and thanks for the chapters!

    1. Scarecrow, all caches work like that for images; what you are seeing is some old images that were cached. If you ctrl+f5, you will flush your cache and see the latest, most accurate image.

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