New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 18

Whew!  I managed to get it out after all!  Here’s the fourth and final bonus chapter of the day – Book 8, Chapter 18 – The Prefectural City of Cerre.  Enjoy the read, friends!  This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of a group effort from our fine and lovely donors, to whom we all owe a round of applause: KL of Toronto, YyAoMmIi, and BG.  Thanks so much, guys!

<=Insert obligatory plug about disabling Adblock for our Adsense Ads + shopping via Amazon Affiliate XD.  Okay, off to bed.  I will try to do four more tomorrow!  Raaaawr!

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  1. Thanks for the bed time story…to bad i do not have a voice reader program to actually read it to me… anyway now off to bed Master we need you up nice and early to translate 4 more chapters later today (since the date changed already).

  2. Looks like someone will have love trouble again…
    Always looking forward to next development..

    Good job there Ren,
    and dont forget to take care of your health

  3. The hyperlink for Chapter 00: Prologue for Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre seems to be broken, one can easily go to chapter 1 and go to the previous chapter, just something i tought would be good to point out.

  4. Just wanted to say that i really apreciate your work Ren, dont work yourself too hard man, we dont want you to get sick/ill just cus you want to help us out, we got time to wait 🙂
    i’am from denmark myself so i’am like 5-6 hours ahead of you guys so i just wait till a new chapter appear, and enjoy that (pretty much makes my day to be able to read this awesome story!) so thanks alot man 🙂

    1. I don’t think that’s really gonna happen at least not because of the bitch aunt, so as slow as he is I’m guessing he has a chance of marrying her after a few volumes

  5. Hmm, i have been thinking about some stuff.. since Ley asked if the 300 years old dude were a necromancer.. does undead exist.. like Skeleton nights

    would be quite awesome if they did exist

    1. Yeah would add a new element to IET books when you think about it stellar transformations the animals of the world are affected by a virus replace the animals in the plot by zombies and BAM you have a killer horror wuxia..

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