New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 16

Afternoon, gentlemen! Here is your second (but by no means last) sponsored chapter of the day. As with the previous chapter, this one was sponsored by the kind donation of our very own Veqen, to whom a big round of applause is due. Thanks so much, Veqen! With no further ado, Book 8, Chapter 16 – The Yulan River. Enjoy the read!

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EDIT: OMG.  囧囧囧 I just lowered the queue by one chapter, and AL of Georgia throws another chapter into the queue.  Back up it goes!  There goes my sense of accomplishment in lowering the queue T.T + 囧 + X.X haha.  In all seriousness, thanks so much, AL!  EDIT2: …and Saganatsu tops off the bonus chapter after that.  Gaaaah!  Thank you, Saganatsu!!!

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    1. Hahaha, you mean as one of the forces? For the record, heart is an awesome power, just check the tropes XD Welcome to our little community, bearzerger!

  1. it sure does fell like salmon jump up a waterfall lol. im sure it just a small one and u will get though this watefall, but watch out for bear stalking on the stop of the waterfall.

  2. Nice Chapter and Chaos brewing in the horizon.
    And lots More chapters on the horizon I’m loving it.

    I think this there method of protest for ur day off.

    Maybe just cut a chapter a day for rest not cut them off a whole day since ur floating at 9 chapters since u took that day off.(<Leech approved and demanded comment)

  3. First time commentor on this site. Thanks for the hard work and good luck with the queue. I’m thinking that you may eventually have to pause donations because otherwise it probably won’t end for quite a while.

    Also I have to say I have the utmost respect for translators because I know how hard it can be as I have done some translation(Japanese to English) before and also help edit for a Japanese Translator.

    Keep at it you are a good translator and I hope that even after the translation of this novel that will be more to come. Also sorry for the long comment it’s sort of a thing I do, I don’t know why, but I just don’t like short comments. it could be because they show less personality.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, and for joining our little community, yascob99! Just out of curiosity, what have you done for in your Japanese to English translations? 🙂 And don’t worry about the length of your comments, I love being able to chat with readers!

      1. Just some basic stuff. I worked a bit on trying to translate some of the Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (Trying to find an english name for this that sounds good is hard) manga although I only got a bit past half way through the first chapter then finals hit and it sorta went downhill from there. I might pick it up again but after I do editing I’ve got a large number of them coming. I edit for setsuna86 for Gakusen Toshi Asterisk if your interested in that.I found that I’m quite slow at translating at this point because my japanese skills are still pretty basic (Damn kanji are so hard).

        If your also wondering how I got involved in translating and stuff it’s because I like light novels and manga and stuff and keep running out of good content to read so I thought: “Hey I have 3 years of high school Japanese under my belt why don’t I try my hand at it?” and I did but it didn’t go great at first so I went to edit while I work on my skills. Still not great at it but if I can find a good manga that needs a translator without high level skills I can slowly improve.

  4. Thanks so much for the translations, also thanks to all the donors who keep the bonus chapters coming.

    I will make sure to do my part in helping keep the queue filled on Friday when i get paid.

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