New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 15

Good mooooornin’ folks!  We are back on track for a full day of chapters today.  You guys ready for this?!  Here’s the first of the day!  Book 8, Chapter 15 – The Apothecary, brought to you by Veqen!  Big round of applause for Veqen, guys!  Thanks, Veqen!

The current ‘list of donors’ for upcoming chapters, since it’s so huge, will be on the bottom right side of the screen, so each post doesn’t explode in size.  And remember, gang, you can help Wuxia World by (US only) doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate button, and also by making sure your Adblocks are off here, so you can see our Adsense ads!  Who knows, maybe something will interest you XD

EDIT: Also, I’m temporarily disabling the new mobile theme again (sorry).  It was throwing up an error where people on the desktop were getting it as well.  And the quest to find a good mobile theme continues…*grumble*

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  1. About the mobile theme Ren! I admit that I don’t know much about it but what I know is – almost all sites with mobile theme appear as “ or” in address bar. But I didn’t got such a thing when in mobile theme earlier in the site. Also switching to desktop style faiIed when used UC browser and opera mini browser.
    So just look into that matter.

    1. Yeah, those are subdomains, but subdomains are kinda a pain in the butt to work with/code. If push comes to shove, we might end up going there, I guess…

  2. Hey Ren, I’ve been f5ing throughout the mobile theme testing. I highly prefer the theme that has that red and green title boxes at the top. I really dislike the rectangular theme that is like black and white.

      1. I like this one as well! This was the one we were originally using. Problem is, it keeps on showing up for some people on desktops as well. Really weird.

        1. Nice mantra, telling this so you will not ask again? 😉

          Ren you should totally get someone to feed you while you translate, I am sure some Fans of your translations would love to be your servants during the weekend for a sneak peek at the next chapters!! 😉

          1. XD I don’t know about that, I’m usually dressed very inappropriately when I’m translating, for maximum comfort, hahahaha!

  3. Ren? What timezone do you live in since it’s difficult to get the timing right to read new chapters 😉
    and btw nice job i really like those light novels 😉

    1. He is in est, which is gmt -5 I believe. He said he posts on days when he posts 3 the first goes up between 11am-1pm, the second from 6-8pm, and the last at 11pm-12am.

      1. Yeah New York is currently -5 UTC
        Seeing how it takes 4 hours’ish to translate a chapter and then you have to include food, drinks and the occational breaks. You are better off checking each 5 to 6 hours (unless Ren takes an unplanned nap *winks*)

        1. My 4 hours usually includes drinks and bathroom/short breaks. If it was ‘pure’ translating, it’d be closer to around 3. If it takes 5-6, that usually means something came up (ie, a regular meal, server problems, phone call, etc.).

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