New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 14

Hey guys! So sorry this came out late. Today has been a crazy day, eh?! First the email at work wasn’t working, then the website went down again. BUT! We have finally identified the problem with the website, and there should be NO MORE ERRORS! The culprit? It was that damn ‘Olimometer’ thermometer that we all knew and loved! In hindsight, that only makes sense; the thermometer was one of the very first plugins that I installed, and it was giving me problems even back then. It was the only plugin that was not technically ‘updated’ for my current configuration of WordPress, and the only one with fairly few people using it. But I never suspected it was the thermometer, because, well, it’s a bleepin’ thermometer! But it’s always the one you least suspect…right?

Anyhow, here’s your second (and final) bonus chapter of the day. If at all possible, I will try to post four on Saturday AND on Sunday to ‘make up’ for it! Book 8, Chapter 14 – Repeated Assassination Attempts is now live. Enjoy the read, gang! This sponsored chapter was brought to you by our generous and noble donors, asdfgke, ZV of Israel, JMY of Norway, CS of the Netherlands, and EB of France. We all owe them a round of applause. Thanks so much, guys, and thanks so much, every reader!

Enjoy the read! And friends, remember that you can help support us by making sure your Adblock is off! Cheers!

Oh – We have a new mobile theme up again!  I like this one better than the other ones.  Let me know if it works for ya!  Also, big thanks to MiPo for enabling, at your request, the ‘color scheme’ switcher at the top right hand!  Take a look!

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    1. @zanxus
      It’s not thermometer. I coded totally new plugin from scratch so that we wouldn’t have any problems with it anymore and this way it’s alot easier to customize the way we want it in future.

  1. Competition between Bebe and Haeru resulting in them reaching Saint Level before Linley!!!!!!! <3 them!! Or at least I hope <3

    Anyway, thank you for translating!!! Kick ass job Ren!

  2. thanks for the chapter, hopefully you had a nice day off :3

    i like the new layout 🙂 Nitpick tip for the mobile layout style the links as buttons so their slightly bigger [previous chapter] [next chapter] is hard todo with small screens / without mouse xD

    But thanks for the hard work ^_^

  3. just checking, shouldn’t jenne have said that linley was cool when he hardened his face, not scary? haha sorry I really appreciate you translating at such speeds, but i couldn’t help going to the raws myself:(

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