New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 13

Hi guys! I just got home and combined the half that I was working on at work with the half I had gotten done in the morning, so as to present you Chapter 13 a bit earlier. So here you go! Book 8, Chapter 13 – Persuasion. Enjoy the read, and click on the ‘read now’ button to read it now! Newcomers, this is an Adsense supported site, so if you want, you can consider helping out Wuxiaworld by making sure your Adblock is disabled! Also, if you are a U.S. based fan and an Amazon shopper like me, consider doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate link at the right!

This chapter was sponsored by our wonderful donors, who deserve a round of applause: Firo’s Ahoge, MI of Malaysia, btburns, Fiirel, SL of the UK, and RCM of New Zealand. Thank all of you so much, and thank all of you readers as well!

I need another 60-90 minutes to wrap up Chapter 14. Expect it soonsies! I’ll finish it before I get dinner XD

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      1. @MiPo As you said the read now button is available for this post but when i check older posts it isn’t there for exampe book 8 chapter 12, when you press on the post you cannot go further. Unless it was intended to be left so, because there is a link in the post description but not like this one here in the form of a button under the post.
        Sorry for the annoyance…

        1. The button uses wordpress custom fields, so it wont appear on the other pages unless we manually edit those posts and that would be quite pointless as you can go directly read the older chapters through the top menu. New chapter post in future will have this button.

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I have a few comments about the new set up of the site. The mobile version does not work as well as the previous version. It’s more difficult to read. Also I just got an ad that made noise. I would appreciate it if you prevented companies from using stuff like that. I really like this website, and your update speed is mind blowing. I turned off adblock to support you, but if I keep hearing ads talking to me then I will turn it back on.

    Thanks so much for your effort and how well you have pulled this off. I think the new website looks cool. I just wanted to let you know the issues I was having. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi gibster, this mobile version is a ‘stopgap’ measure until we have a full one running. RE the ad, can you make sure you link it to me? Google Adsense doesn’t usually allow ads with sound, so if you can send it to me, I can manually block that adserver from ever sending ads here again. So sorry for the hassle, and thanks for the kind words!

  2. thanks for all your hard work RWX. glad this isnt the new layout, and happy the site is working again. +1000% bonus chapters on your month-aversery. lol. If 1 or 2 bonus chapters a day is more sustainable, its still what i look forward to in the day. dont burnout plz. Thanks and take it easy

  3. as long as ur okay, i dont mind ren, plz dont apologize.

    do u think ull get another chapter out today, or should i blame the evil thermometer for the lack of chapter

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