New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 12

Here for your night time reading is the third and final bonus chapter for today – Book 8, Chapter 12 – Blackrock City. Enjoy the read, friends! This bonus chapter was brought to you as a joint effort by our noble donors, talldude, BlackBirdy, AR of Germany, OD of Germany, ZG of Russia, and JY. A big round of applause is owed to them! Thanks guys! And of course, thanks to everyone for continuing to read and support Coiling Dragon!

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PLEASE NOTE: Tomorrow will be the one-month anniversary of the launching of this site. I haven’t had a break in 30 days, and hour-wise, I’ve been basically doing two full time jobs on weekdays and a full time job on the weekends. I’ll be posting up several stats and a few other things, BUT, as a nice little gift to myself, I’m giving myself the day off, especially since the queue is cleared ;). Donors, please do not donate UNLESS you understand and accept that no chapters will be coming out tomorrow (I’ll still add your donations to the queue for the day after tomorrow). If you donate by accident and want your donation back, please let me know! I will be happy to refund your donation.

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Anyhow, I am on break! WOO!

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  1. Breaks always help, as the king of procrastinators I understand how you feel. And honestly, I don’t understand how you deal with all this, I would be dead by now, actually, I would be dead on the very first day.
    Ren, I think your level is over 9000!!

    1. Just go back and read the previous ones. Ten has been working incredibly to bring these chapters out, and how do you respect that? By crying and whining that the author takes one day as a break out of an entire month?
      Go cry in a corner so we don’t have to see your selfishness.

      1. Jin, I’m pretty sure he’s only being tongue-in-cheek! He’s just trying to show how much he cares about Coiling Dragon. Don’t be too angry. Thanks for the concern from both of you! 🙂

  2. take a rest if u want just plz come back soon that cliffhanger guh so not cool and a day wait i know u need rest and i agree but more than 90% of me is a great cd leech and it crying in horror knowing that it going to starve for the next 24 hr+.

  3. You got my name wrong, btw. Just saying. Haha. It’s with two “i”s. Also, have a nice break, man. You definitely deserve it. Even I wouldn’t want to compete with your amazing amount of determination you have put on this site with the numerous amounts of translations. Yes, my inner leech is crying, but he understands 😛 And that donation is my thanks to you. Expect more when I’m able to fund your tiresome days, hahaha. I’d laugh if on your day off loads of people decide to donate and make it past the record high. Anyway, goodnight and have a good days vacation 😀

  4. Thanks for all of your hard work. And thank you for taking a well deserve rest. If you aren’t well or get burnt out, a lot of people will suffer from heavy withdrawal symptoms.

  5. You should head to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts and train a little. You’ll force many magical beasts to submit and do the translation for you, then everyday is a break day :P.
    Anyways, thanks for the chapters and enjoy the break.

  6. Coming from SL: don’t worry man enjoy the break. The Donation is more as thanks for your work than for a new chapter, you’ve been publling 3+ a day for a whole month. Just go nap already 😛

  7. Thanks Ren for all the chapters to-date … really appreciate your dedication and effort in translating this great read. Hope you have a great day off … you sure as hell deserve it 😀

      1. Well yeah but im in Australia, its 10pm thursday right now, so its tomorrow for me that hes having his break …… gotta love the half a day time difference 🙂

  8. thank you for the chapter and enjoy a well deserved break 🙂 Much as i appreciate the fast translation I wouldn’t want you to burn out from overworking, so be sure to take care of yourself.

  9. I’m conflicted about that : 😕
    if we do work you to dead then we have a lot of chapter and quickly,
    but if you die, we won’t have the rest of it
    the solution could be a method that use long term consequence (drug? hypnotism? …)
    what do you thinks?;)

    1. that your insane and have at your priorities wrong, we need our Ren nice and healthy.
      Not to say that it isnt tempting though ( arnt we all at least a little insane? ) 🙂

  10. After a month of silent leaching I thought I should finally register and express my thanks.
    Thank you very much, Ren, you are awesome. God needed a break after only 6 days of work but you managed whole 30 day, means you are 5 times. More awesome than God 😛 (if anyone feels offended, sorry)
    Btw one can’t comment on the one month anniversary-post, else I would have

  11. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done for this series so far Ren! I honestly can’t believe you managed to keep that 3 chapter per day tempo for a month now, without showing a drop in quality of the releases. Now get some well deserved (and, I assume, needed) rest so that you can recharge the batteries of the insane translating machine you seem to have 😛

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