New Chapter Release! Book 8, Chapter 11

Okay gang, looks like I’m able to get back into my groove w/respect to release times!  Here’s your second (and final?) bonus chapter of the day, here for your post-work reading pleasure!  Book 8, Chapter 11 – Hands.  Enjoy the read, gang!  And remember, new friends, you can help support Wuxia World by making sure your Adblock is off.  Thanks!

I/we owe a big round of applause to the generous donors who cleared the queue for this chapter.  They are: OD of Germany, MAT of Germany, Evrin, Gren, JJ of Illinois, and TP of Minnesota.  Thank all of you so much!  And thank all of you fans as well for your continuing patronage of Wuxia World and Coiling Dragon!  Tomorrow will be our one month anniversary!  Stats!  Stats!  Stats!  Stats coming!  As for now, queue cleared!

EDIT: Thanks to talldude, BlackBirdy, and AR of Germany for your kind donations!  Your donations have been added to the queue for Chapter 12, alongside the previous ones from OD of Germany and ZG of Russia!  EDIT2: And JY clears the queue!  Thank you, JY!

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  1. With regards to comments, since there’s two pages released with every chapter (this one announcing release, the other one the actual chapter) is there a division between chapter discussion comments on the actual chapter page vs this page?

  2. Thank you for this Chapter!! 😀
    And another thing, i don’t see any ads on your website and and i don’t use adblock. Because i can’t donate that much i want to at least help you a bit. Just say where i have to click :D.

    1. Haha, hey there, hi2me! There’s like three or four ads, and they should be pretty visible; one is at the top of each page, and one is at the bottom, right after the post. Maybe you are using a browser that has some sort of Adblock built in? I can’t ask you to click on ads, legally, but I can tell you that there are definitely ads here. Cheers! XD

        1. Hi JY, thanks so much for registering and joining our little community! There will be another chapter tonight if the queue is cleared, or if I have the time/inclination to do the regular chapter today!

          EDIT: Just saw that by finished the queue, you mean you cleared it O.O. Thank you so much! Yes, I guess there WILL be a third chapter tonight after all XD Thanks!

    1. Um, lol, no, I’m actually about to take a one-day break from posting altogether, lol. See my upcoming post XD. Thanks for joining our community, Reportfiled!

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