New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 9

Hi gang!  Because of bad weather, everyone at work got released two hours earlier today…which meant this chapter was finished two hours earlier as well!  Presenting your second bonus chapter of the day: Book 7, Chapter 9 – Interspatial Ring.  Enjoy the read!

This bonus chapter was brought to you by our wonderful donor, Metazone.  Thanks so much for your donation, Metazone!  Big thumbs up, hugs, and kisses!  And of course, big thanks to each and every fan, reader, and supporter of Coiling Dragon and Wuxia World!

Addendum – I worked out the hijinks with Amazon, so the Amazon affiliates banner is up again!  I’ve always been a huge, huge Amazon fan, and frankly, I’ve spent stupid amounts of money on it over the years.  American fans, when you are planning to buy something on Amazon, consider entering Amazon by clicking on the banner!  Wuxia World gets a small commission each time you buy something through the banner, at no cost to you.  Just a consideration!  XD

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  1. Noo i have to eat dinner fist before reading bad bad now I wished I not eat dinner for a while but it just about done cooking and cold taco is not good for the health.

    1. Thanks for registering and joining our little community, and of course, big thanks again for your donation, Metazone! The next chapter is already up. Enjoy the read! XD

  2. and as the appointed time draws close, people begin to press f5 every 10 min…. 5 min.. in the hopes of being the new TheLeecher.
    thanks for the epic chapter. also if Linley has to flee, he now has a revenge detector. when the ring is free to bind.. then clyde is dead.

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