New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 25

Man, this chapter took so long to translate! Not because it was longer or harder, but because I was suuuuuuper sleepy, so the translation went slow, haha. But I got it out at last! Presenting the final chapter of this book: Book 7, Chapter 25 – Departure. Enjoy the read, friends! And remember, if you want to support Wuxiaworld, we do have clickable ads that you will see if you turn off your Adblock! Alternately, US fans of Amazon can place orders through our affiliate links!

This chapter was sponsored by our lovely donors, an anonymous donor, abhinav, and AC of New Jersey! A big round of applause and thanks goes to them! And as always, thank you, readers, for your support of Wuxia World and for your continued patronage! Good night all!  Queue cleared, woohoo!

EDIT: And thanks to our new donors, WB from Texas, WWH from Singapore, for clearing the queue for Book 8, Chapter 1!  Thanks as well to AZ from Washington, and DK from Germany for starting the queue for Book 8, Chapter 2!  Thanks so much!  I’m hard at work already!  😀

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  1. Ren you don’t know how happy I am, THANK you sooooooo much. I thought you were going to leave it for tmm, but when I saw the message on my Email. (I cried, Literally O.O even though just watery eyes and at most two tears, I think that was weird) but anyways forget I said that. Thank you again! thanks a lot, I appreciate your effort, motivation, and the donators as well! thnks

        1. Haha, you are welcome, Tiamat00! Welcome to our little community! And yeah, there are ‘only’ fourteen books remaining, but many of them are HUGE! Haha.

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