New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 24

Here for your pre-dinner viewing pleasure is Book 7, Chapter 24 – Stillness.  Enjoy the read gang!  This was the second bonus chapter of the day.  The next chapter will be the final chapter in book 7!

Chapter 24 came to you courtesy of our lovely donor, OB of Los Angeles.  Thank you so much for your generous donation, OB!  Thank all of you as well for your continuing support and patronage of Coiling Dragon!

EDIT: And thank you to an anonymous donor for your donation!  Thanks so much!  Your donation was added to the queue for Chapter 25!  EDIT 2: Thanks to AC of New Jersey for clearing the queue, and thanks to PR of Germany and AY of British Columbia for starting the queue for the first chapter in Book 8!  Muah!  Guess my Marauder set farming in Diablo 3 is over T.T

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