New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 21

Hi gang! Ready for your pre/post dinner reading? Here is your second chapter of the day (and first bonus chapter), Book 7, Chapter 21: Fate. Remember, new friends, please consider supporting us by removing your Adblocker for this site, and if you are from the U.S. and an Amazon fan, do your Amazon shopping through our affiliate links!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of our lovely donors, NA from North Carolina, sk8late, tlos3, and VS of Belgium. Everyone, please give them a round of applause! Thanks so much, donors! And of course, as always, big thanks to our readers and commenters! Wuxia World is a much brighter place thanks to all of your participation (yes, even you F5 maniacs)!

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  1. i dont belive, i guessed the death of clayde wrong, maybe if i guess that the next ch will be tomorrow the heavens will make Ren do it in the next hours? (joke,dont do it, i will kill yourself doing this 😡 )

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