New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 20

Hi gang, ready for your lunch time reading?  As of this morning, this will be the first regular chapter of the week!  Presenting Book 7, Chapter 20 – The Full Story, for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy, gang!  As a regular chapter, this will NOT be deducted from the queue!

Big thanks to NA from North Carolina for finishing off the queue for the next chapter!  Also big thanks for kas051, LV of California, and AY of British Columbia for getting the queue started for the chapter that.  I’m running a bit late so I won’t have too much time for this post, but thanks, all of you!

EDIT: And thanks to to DR of the Netherlands for finishing off the queue for Chapter 22, and to KT of Wisconsin for starting the queue for Chapter 23!  Thanks you guys!

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      1. im glad to be apart of it sadly I wont be in it for long I wont have internet access for about 4 months T_T I think I might die of withdrawal. but when I think of all the chaps il be able to read it makes it a little bit easier to bear.

  1. The third paragraph

    “Clayde has already been able to guessed that I’m nearby”

    It’s to guess not to guessed.

    You can only use present tense after “to”.

    1. This line too

      ““Hurry up. Forget about the horses. You two, you are responsible for the Princess and the Royal Consort.” Linley ordered two of his knights, and then had a third one open the back gate.”

      Wasn’t it supposed to be Clayde who order his knights instead of Linley? o.o

  2. Thanks Ren and where did your day off plans go to since you went and released a regular chapter?
    I’m not complaining just worrying … this is bad very bad I a elite Leech am worrying about the food provider so take the rest of the night off man you need it to put my mind at ease please.

  3. Thank you for the chapter!

    Quick question though, I recently read through Stellar Transformation and realized that the translator has stopped for a while and also realized that you locked the thread. So I was just wondering, reckon he’s going to be back soon? Or any idea if someone else is going to take it up? Anyhow, I apologize for mentioning the unrelated, haha.

    1. Hi AokiGahara, no clue! Someone has started on a few chapters though, but as of yet, we don’t have anyone who is doing it full-time regularly. Guess we’ll have to see!

    2. Hey there, if you only read what He-man translated then you’ll have read up to Book 11 Chapter 10. You can read Chapter 11-13 on Then you can go to the continuation thread found here:
      and you’ll be able to read the most recently translated Book 11 Chapters 14-15. These two chapters are my own personal translations and thus pale in comparison to He-man’s translations. But they’re better than nothing. ^_^

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