New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 2

Sorry for the slight delay!  Since it is Saturday, I took it a bit easier on myself and gave myself a bit of a break.  But nonetheless, here it is, your second bonus chapter of the day!  Book 7, Chapter 2 – The Divine Boon Descends.  Enjoy the read, folks!  Remember to consider having your Adblock off at Wuxiaworld, newcomers!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of our wonderful donors, MD of Germany, HF of Texas, HS of Germany, RR from Indonesia and AT of New York.  Thanks to all of you so much!  Love y’all!  Big thanks to all of our readers and commenters and supporters; all of you help give me the motivation to keep this machine running.  Thanks again!

EDIT: Also, special thanks to donors AS of Sweden, CO of Ohio, AL of Germany and MD of Germany, whose contributions have cleared the queue for Book 7, Chapter 3.  Thanks guys!  In the mean time, break time for me – queue cleared!

DOUBLE EDIT: Radiant Sovereign! You guys amaze me! I come back from jog and my jaw hit the floor! Not only is Chapter 3 now cleared, RK of Massachusetts cleared the queue for Chapter 4, SW of Germany cleared the queue for Chapter 5, EB of Michigan cleared the queue for Chapter 6, and Fay cleared the queue for Chapter 7 AND Chapter 8! Metazone cleared the queue for Chapter 9! BB of Arizona, meanwhile, started the queue for Chapter 10! I’m almost to the point of tears both from gratitude and terror. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much! I will do my best to continue to produce high quality, high-speed chapters for you! MUAAAH!

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  1. Lmfao I couldn’t wait decided to read google translate and it seems I can do it only problem will be new character names. ..obviously I will read your translation. I am just wondering g if I will get tired of the MT Btw I tried reading before MT but ccouldn’t cause it is really bad this series is worth it !!! Thx for the great work ren just wanted to say that this series is good enough to make me read MT XD

  2. Dam only problem is the character I am keeping the char names as it is except for the ones you translated…I think MT translated Kalans name as “blue card” lool anyway this is awesome epic now I see why ssome said this is where it gets good

    1. LOL ‘Blue Card’. Well technically that is a correct translation, word for word, but yeah, that’s just one reason out of many why I have a strong aversion to MT, haha.

    1. I just saw that! Thank you so much! You people bring me to the point of tears. Thanks so much, Fay! I’ll do my best to live up to your gift. Thanks for joining the community as well!

    1. Technically, that’s human trafficking, so I don’t think that would work. On the other hand, if YOU pay ME, I could BABYSIT them? For like, an hour? Hahahaha! Welcome to the community, thanatos!

    1. I’m seriously about to cry from all of this love. You guys are the best fans a translator could beg for T.T. No matter how tired I get, you guys keep me going!

  3. With 6 chapters worth donation meh w.e I will still go read MT until ren translated and compare what I thought was right or even close kakaka no break for en whoever donated thx bro!! I think even my sentence turned Mt like lool

  4. 80 * 3 a day * 7 days a week * 52 = 87k, that’s a pretty decent income, this is probably like a job for you now right? lol… a job with no breaks, not even on weekends. HAHA! Thxs for the chapter btw

    1. Haha, I doubt it can possibly be sustained for that long, either on my side or on the donor’s side, but yeah, in addition to my regular 7 hour job, I’ve been spending 9-12 hours each day on chapters for the past 10 days. It’s been crazy!

  5. I’m Brazilian. Rafael, 16.
    My english were bad but my friend introduced me in the light novel world.
    Since that day my english improved a lot and now i’m reading your light novel, of all that i have read so far this is the best and i hope you continue translating at the same frequency.
    Keep the good work, sincerely, i love this and soon ill gonna donate too.

    1. Rafael, great to have you here with us at Coiling Dragon! Thanks so much for your high praise. I hope reading here will continue to help improve your English. I’m very glad to meet you!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work. I am just amazed by the speed the quality of your translation, so much that I worry for your health. You must have some powerful coffee.
    – A worried fan.

    1. Hi Zolid! Glad to have you here with us! I’m not a coffee drinker, but let’s just say, I should start buying diet coke by the keg instead of by the 2L bottle…

    1. People probably got tired of the cliffhanger even though at most they would have to wait few days but nah we didn’t even get there…I don’t think we have even gone below 3 chaps a week 😉 we really are spoiled

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