New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 18

Back off work and ready to rest and relax? Here’s your second bonus chapter of the day, arrived a bit early since I got off work earlier today as well! Book 7, Chapter 18 – A Missing Hand? has been released! Enjoy, friends! New fans, please consider having your Adblock off for Wuxia World, and/or (for US fans) make your Amazon purchases through our affiliate links! Thank you!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of our generous donor, Metazone. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity, Metazone! And of course, big thanks as always to each and every reader. You guys are awesome. Two thumbs up to the great community we have here!

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    1. Clayde is pretty much an extra to me right now. He needs to just get out… Ren you should take a day off…. You kinda need it. I enjoy your translating but please don’t collapse bcuz of it…

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