New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 16

Alright, gang, who is up? Certain regular readers who know my schedule have probably begun the F5 spam for a while now, amiright? Without further ado, I present the third and final bonus chapter of the day: Book 7, Chapter 16 – The Furnace. Enjoy the read, friends! Newcomers, remember to support us by considering turning off your Adblock and/or (US friends) doing your Amazon shopping via our affiliate links!

Credits for this bonus chapter goes once again to JR from Illinois, as it came thanks to his kind and generous donations. For a second chapter in a row, thank you so much, JR! And big thanks to all of you Coiling Dragon fans who come here and read every day. Y’all is the best!

EDIT: Thanks so much to MJ of the UK and AP of Australia for your recent donations! MJ of the UK just cleared the queue for Chapter 19, and AP has contributed to Chapter 20, alongside the previous donations from AY of West Virginia, AG of Italy, and kas051! Thank you all!

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    1. You are very welcome! It’s okay if you don’t always have time to chat. I’m very glad to have you here nonetheless, whether silently leeching or actively commenting XD

  1. Thanks a lot for all your hard work as always Ren! Also the thermometer says there is $185 wile under it it still says 318.75% of the way to a bonus chapter and I personally hope it’s the thermometer that is wrong! (sorry Ren!)

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