New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 15

Evening, folks! Rested from work and ready for an after work read? Presenting Book 7, Chapter 15 – The Clan of the Violetflame Warriors. Enjoy the read, gents, and remember, new readers, if you enjoy the read, please consider supporting Coiling Dragon by having your Adblock off, and/or (US only) doing your Amazon shopping through our affiliate links!

This particular chapter was brought to you courtesy of our kind donor, JR of Illinois.  Thanks so much, JR!  Much love, muah!  And also, as always, let me extend my thanks to you – the readers, commenters, and participants of our little community.  I’m grateful to have all of you!

EDIT: And thanks to Metazone for sponsoring a full chapter!  Wow!  Thank you so much, Metazone!

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  1. Alright alright i have made a account thingy and turned off adblocker and will prolly donate at some point sheeesh really know how to pull us in with all these awesome chapters dont ya?? XD

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