New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 14

Good moooorning gang!  I’m really happy to see that the site is being really snappy today, after I spent all that time monkeying around yesterday and paid for Bluehost to double the number of dedicated CPU’s.  Makes my little heart a’flutter!  As for you, here is your first bonus chapter of the day, ready for your lunch reading: Book 7, Chapter 14 – The City of Hess.  Enjoy the read, gang!  New friends, remember to consider having your Adblock off, and that you can support us by making your Amazon purchases through our affiliate links!  🙂

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of our wonderful donors Velmy, SG of Iowa, Flipnautic, Strelock, NV of Australia, and JV of Australia.  Thank all of you so much, and thank you readers, as well, for supporting Coiling Dragon and Wuxia World by being here with me every day!  Enjoy the read!

Lastly, WOW, big thanks to JR from Illinois, JB of the UK, and DW of Maryland!  JR has cleared the queue for chapters fifteen AND sixteen for you guys!  EDIT: JR of Illinois, JB of the UK, DW of Maryland, and JC of New Mexico have cleared the queue for Chapter 17! Metazone has sponsored chapter 18!  AY of West Virginia, AG of Italy, and kas051 have started the queue for Chapter 19 as well!  The translation binge continues almost into the third week now!  You guys are crazy + awesome!  Thanks so much to every one of you!

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  1. Thank you. Never seen such fast translation before, hope you’re not working too hard otherwise i’ll feel bad about donating and adding to your workload 😉

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