New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 12

Good evening, gents!  Here is your second bonus chapter of the day: Book 7, Chapter 12 – The Rescue.  Enjoy the read, my friends!  As for me, I’m going to grab a quick bite, before going back to work to finish up Chapter 13 (which ED of Michigan just topped the queue off for – thank you!!!).  WHEW!

This bonus chapter came to you courtesy of our lovely donor LiF3tiM3.  Thank you so much, LiF3tiM3!  And big thanks to each and every one of our fans and readers.  You guys are the best fans a translator could ask for!

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    Say Ren can you kindly ask the fans to subscribe to the mailing list and tell them how, by checking the notify me of new posts by email box, since it seems the f5 fu is still incurring casualty to the server. or is this because of a different issue?

    Might want/need to remove comments all together if it is because of f5 fu and just make a comment section in the forums.

      1. Lol. Something is spiking the server load, and it was so bad that no one could get in. With two cores, my load ideally shouldn’t be more than a ‘2’, but for some reason it spiked all the way up to ’30’. Meh….

        1. *Snarl*. So I went ahead and disabled Cloudflare (because apparently that was where a lot of the load was coming from), spent a while mucking about optimizing, then for good measure, threw a few hundred more bucks at Bluehost to double the number of CPU’s dedicated to this site, from 2 to 4. Let’s see if that helps. *snarl*. Okay, enough time wasted, back to translating…I want to release in the next half hour. I’m almost done. Sigh.

  2. And thanks as always. I just hate seeing so many problems on the site if the cause is something like refresh spamming simply to type “Fist ” into the comments.

          1. np if it is a server issue then it fine i just have not been to spcnet since the last issue it did not cross my mind to check there again this time.

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