New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 11

Here is your regular-as-clockwork guilty pleasure lunch reading!  Book 7, Chapter 11 – The Titanic Black Python.  Enjoy the read, gang!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of our wonderful donors, CH of New Jersey, JM of Australia, WP of Poland, and SVB of Spain.  Thank you all so much!  Also thanks to donors PT of Brooklyn, SW of Pennsylvania, CS of Netherlands, and ML of Denmark.  Your donations have been added to the queue for Chapter 13!  Also thanks to the two people who gave the Amazon affiliate button a click when they went shopping.  Thank you guys so much!  While I don’t have a basis for comparsion, I firmly believe that you guys are the best friends and fans a translator could ask for!  XD

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  1. About Amazon affiliate – I’m not sure how this functions, but I assume it will not work the same if I change the URL to, will it? Are the different amazon stores that compatible?

    1. Sadly, nope, this only works for the US based Amazon. I suppose I can see if I can qualify for a UK Amazon Associate as well, but that would require different banners, I think…I don’t want it to be too ad heavy. We’ll see!

  2. Hey Ren, thank you for always doing good work. Some people have already mentioned the dangers of PayPal donations and I wanted to suggest something that is likely far less popular, but you could also integrate Bitcoin donations, if you wanted to. (Either directly with a bitcoin wallet if you know how or care to learn how, or indirectly with a payment service like BitPay or Coinbase). These would probably be safer than PayPal, but I hope that PayPal won’t do any nasty business with you either way. 🙂

    1. Thanks Flappy for your concern? I’m a bet…meh about BitCoin, which has always seemed a bit sketchy. Either way, we’re a good way off from the limit, and I’ve already emailed paypal, so we’ll see what they say! 😀

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