New Chapter Release! Book 7, Chapter 1

Good morning and happy weekend, everybody! For your reading pleasure, here’s the first bonus chapter of the weekend, and the first chapter in a new book! Presenting: Book 7, Chapter 1 – A Hope of Living. Enjoy the read, and get ready…things are gonna start heating up reaaaally fast in a few chapters!

This bonus chapter was brought to you guys by DT of Ottawa, Dizzy of Michigan,  SA from Manitoba, and from KR in Denmark.  Big round of applause and hugs to you all!  Thank you so much!  And as always, thanks to all the fans of Coiling Dragon who support us by the act of being fans.  Thanks guys!

EDIT: Big thanks to MD of Germany, HF of Texas, and HS of Germany for finishing the queue for Chapter 2!  Thanks so much, all of you!

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  1. Hey Ren, I was wondering: do you start translating a chapter as soon as the queue is cleared, or do you translate regardless of queue status and withhold chapters if the queue isn’t cleared yet?

    1. I srsly doubt he holds back anything that’s ready. After all, if readers knew he had English chapters they hadn’t read, they’d find him and they’d rob him.

    2. Hi Flappy, I usually start translating chapters after the queue is cleared, but for example, this Thursday, I started it anyways even though the queue wasn’t cleared, and released it as a second regular chapter. I don’t believe in withholding chapters (and honestly, they take long enough to translate that I don’t have time to build up a backlog, even if I wanted to).

  2. Thanks for the release.

    I started reading thursday and didn’t sleep until 5AM, had to work at 8AM, continued to read when I could at work, by midnight I caught to chapter 31 of vol 6 hahahah.

    Great novel.

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