New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 9

I got off work early this Friday, so…early release! Book 6, Chapter 9 – The Engagement, has been released for your viewing pleasure! Click on the link to enjoy! Newcomers, please consider turning off your Adblock if you like what you see here!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of Darkanlan (again!), TP from Minnesota, and JL from British Colombia. Big thanks to them…and of course, to all of you readers, commenters, and other types of supporters! You make this site go round and round! Thank you all for your support!

For my own reference (and yours), the queue for Chapter 10 has been cleared by Beserker and Darkanlan (again!!!). The queue for Chapter 11 has been cleared by Serpentine (who has a special message for all of you). The queue for Chapter 12 has been started by CS from Indiana, and Gratitude Hack. Big applause to everyone present!

6 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 9” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hrm. Something really needs to be done about the people who are obsessively spamming this page just to get the first post….. :/
    What if you temporarily suspended comments for an hour or two when you release a new chapter?
    Is something like that even possible?

    1. I made a new post first. I hope I don’t have to implement additional software solutions, since I would really rather spend the time translating. Another option is for me to pay around $600 a year for a more dedicated, stronger host that can handle it. Sigh.

      1. I think if it continues to be an issue, you should just disable comments. Even if just as a trial run for a bit, and maybe a warning. It’s quick, easy, and free….I hope, lol.
        And anything useful that can be said in comments can be said in the forum.
        It might even promote discussion in the forum instead of f5 spamming between releases…maybe. o_o

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