New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 6

Hello readers, the third and final bonus chapter for today has been released!  Book 6, Chapter 6 – Tomes of Magic is now live.  Enjoy the read, and remember to have your Adblock off!

This bonus chapter was brought to you via donors JJ of Finland, SW of Germany, MS of Germany, GGM of Norway, and MY of the US!  Big round of applause for them!  EDIT: The queue for chapter 7 has been finished by Darkanlan, KPM of Texas, CF of France, MO of Germany, CO of Ohio, NZ of Germany.  Let me once again thank every single donor, reader, commenter, linker, and any other supporter of Coiling Dragon!  Thank you all so much!

DOUBLE EDIT – And thanks to Darkanlan (again!), TP from Minnesota, and JL from British Colombia, the queue for chapter 8 has been completed as well!  Thank you all so much!  I will strive to live up to the trust you have shown via your donations T.T

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    1. Wow, thanks so much Darkanlan! I appreciate the gesture and the trust in me it implies. I just saw it in my email. I will update the post and the thermometer accordingly!

  1. I’m glad to toss a little cash in for someone who can do the work, I don’t know the languages for most book translations. Happy to help those who do and are willing to do the work so those of us who can’t read it are given a chance to.

        1. T.T I thought I would work through my backlog of games, but you guys put me to work! I’ve done like 5 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition in the entire past two weeks, when I thought I would’ve done like 50 by the end of Xmas 😛

          1. haha yeah, getting all of this extra revenue definitely helps get more games though right? But a note for dragon age, it’s not a bad idea to go through the main quests rather than complete each area first, since there’s a ton of time spent on some of the war room missions. Quite a few will take 2-6 hours a piece to finish when you send them out, so if you’re at the last part of the game and did all of the other areas before the main quests, you’ll be spending a good amount of time waiting out of game for them to finish so you don’t miss anything. Though that’s only if you’re going for 100% completion.

  2. hey Ren! this picture looks like it could be a coiling dragon cover..

    eastern looking dragon instead of western.. plus it looks like the armored razorback (gold eyes, black scales, back spikes)

    i saw while searching for the source of the current bg pic of the site, and its by the same artist

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