New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 5

Are we having fun on the New Year, everybody?  Here is the second bonus chapter of the New Year – Book 6, Chapter 5 – Writ of Nobility.  Enjoy the read!

As with Chapter 4, this bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of donors Volos, MG from South Carolina, BlackBirdy, TN from Texas, GS from Illinois, MY from Texas, Honaidy (again!), TW from the United Kingdom, JB from California, NY from Singapore.  Big thanks to them, and big thanks to all of you readers for your continued support!

The next queue is almost filled.  The current supporters are JJ of Finland, SW of Germany, MS of Germany, and GGM of Norway.  EDIT: The queue for Chapter 6 was topped off by MY of the US!  Thanks, MY!  CF of France, MO of Germany, CO of Ohio, and NZ of Germany have started the next queue for Chapter 7.  Thanks so much to all of you!  Enjoy the chapter!

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