New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 31

Good eeevening, and happy Friday, folks!  Have y’all had dinner?  I haven’t, because I’ve been workin’ on this bonus chapter ;).  Presenting to you, Book 6, Chapter 31 – Won’t Accept It, the second to last chapter in Book 6!  Enjoy, gang!

Let me give credits as well to the generous donors who brought you this bonus chapter:  JR of Illinois, SA of Manitoba,  SG in the Virgin islands, MC of New Mexico, and TP of Minnesota: Thank you all so much!  Also thanks to the recent donations from SA from Manitoba (again!) and from KR in Denmark, who’s donation helped out the queue for the first chapter in Book 7.  And, as always, thanks to you, the readers, for your continuing support of Coiling Dragon!  Thank you all!

6 thoughts on “New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 31” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. i hate you, sachi!!
      i was waiting for the complete book 6 to read the last chapters.
      well, I’m gonna cursed you will waiting
      thanks you Ren for you work

      and if the others could keep the spoiler in the chapter comment (thoughts ?, Reply ?) , thanks

  1. Urgh, Ren u will kill me with those cliffhenge, i have imagined countless situations that would help linley escape and possibly kill clayde, if i have a heart attack i will left a messege saying that the culprit is u

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