New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 30

Happy lunch reading, guys! Things get a little bit…messy…in Book 6, Chapter 30 – Even if I Die, I’ll Kill You!  This is the third to last chapter in Book 6, with Book 7 starting soon.  Enjoy the new bonus chapter!

This bonus chapter is brought to you courtesy of donors CF of France, Rumble, and JB of California.  Big round of applause for them, and a big round of applause to all of you who continue to support Wuxia World and Coiling Dragon by coming here and reading and being fans!  Thank you all!

EDIT:  Big thanks to JR of Illinois, SA of Manotiba,  SG in the Virgin islands, MC of New Mexico, and TP of Minnesota for clearing the queue for bonus Chapter 31!  And big thanks to CN of Minnesota, SA of Manitoba, GG of Texas, JN of Texas, MW of Germany, and JL of British Columbia for bonus Chapter 32, the final chapter in Book 6!  And Dizzy from Michigan starts the queue for Book 7, Chapter 1!  Looks like this is another 3-chapter day.  Y’all is crazy!  Muah!

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  1. Hey Ren, I just picked up the rumor that you may or may not have been thinking about picking up Stellar Transformations? I have the bad feeling that I may end up having to donate non-neglible amounts of my wages to you

    1. Haha, not for a good long while. I plan to finish Coiling Dragon first! That’ll be at least 6-24 months, depending on donations and other factors 😛

      1. EDIT – Hey Mipo, I know the math, but I edited your comments because 1) I really don’t like discussing money on the story comments, and 2) I don’t want anyone feeling uncomfortable and/or possibly jealous. Hope you can understand. Thanks. – RWX

        1. Okey, sorry for that. Btw, if you need help with the website in future, I can help you with it. I’m currently studying Information technology at University of Applied Sciences.

          1. No worries, Mipo, and thanks so much for the offer! Don’t be surprised if I take you up on it one of these days 😉

  2. First of all, thanks Ren for the awesome translation. I can’t even imagine the amount of works that it needs in order to produce this quality of translation, as fast as it is.
    Now…. This novel is quite amazing, frankly speaking I really LOVE this novel (as much as Arifureta, Hajime is SO badass :D) but I am still really amazed by the rapidity of your translation… Man, you are awesome :D.

    Thanks again Ren!

    1. Thanks for registering, shadowsword! I almost am doing this full time now, spending like 9-11 hours each day translating, haha. But no, I have a very good day job, quite frankly 😛

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