New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 28

Hi gang, sorry for the slightly late release! The building’s internet went down, so I wasn’t able to upload the chapter until just now. On the plus side, no time was delayed translation-wise, so the next bonus chapter should be up in about ~3 hours or so. Anyhow, please enjoy the second chapter of the day (first bonus chapter), Book 6, Chapter 28 – Mother’s Life or Death. Enjoy!

This first bonus chapter of the day is brought to you courtesy of our lovely donors, JR from Illinois, MD of Germany, MS of Estonia, and AR of Germany.  Thank all of you so much for your kind and generous donations!  And big thanks to all of you, readers, for continuing to support Coiling Dragon/Wuxia World by virtue of coming, reading, and commenting!  Thanks to all of you!

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