New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 24

Happy lunch reading, all!  Here’s your first bonus chapter of the day.  Sorry it came a bit later; I didn’t wake up in time today so I didn’t have as much time to translate pre-breakfast.  Either way, here it is!  Book 6, Chapter 24 – Breakthrough, fresh off the presses! Enjoy the read!

This bonus chapter was brought to you courtesy of donations from HN of Finland, JJ of Finland, and TY of California.  Thank you so much, donors, and thank you as well, readers and fans of Coiling Dragon!  It’s a genuine pleasure to see the number of visitor’s growing each day.  Thank you all for coming!

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  1. sorry to ask everyone but does anyone got a link to Stellar Trans.. Raw version, i have just gotten the hang of being able to read google translate version so wanna read it

      1. damm, shitty ST being complex.. but thx anyway.. imma gonna try.. and do ya know where i should start.. i have no idea which chapter we are in (book 11, chapt 14)

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