New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 22

Hey folks, seeing as how I got home early because we had a snowy day, you guys get to read a bonus chapter early as well!  Book 6, Chapter 22 – The Enormous Fine has been released, fresh off the presses!  Newcomers, please consider turning your Adblock off for Wuxiaworld, and Wuxiaworld alone!

Book 6, Chapter 22, was brought to you as a bonus chapter, courtesy of our lovely donors, BG, MS of Germany, JV of Australia, DT of Australia, and an anonymous donor.  Thank you guys so much!  Queue cleared!  Time for a nap (it’s getting cold!).  Enjoy, readers and fans and commenters, and thanks for coming to Wuxia World!

Also a big thank you to HN of Finland and TY of California for starting the next queue.  Thanks so much, guys!!!!  EDIT: Graaaah!  You people are crazy!  JJ from Finland finished the queue for 23, then CN of Minnesota, SDN of Ontario, LV of California, RG of Ontario, AC of New Jersey, HN of Finland, PT of Massachusetts, and HS of Germany not only finished the queue for 24, but also made it almost halfway through 25!  EDIT: And TI of California finishes off the queue for 25!  Thank you, TI!  I am so grateful to you guys, but at the same time, my face when I finished dinner was: 囧囧囧囧囧!

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    1. checks back in less that 2 hrs to see the new comments and noticed that there are now 2 new queued up chapters. it seems i nailed it hoped that nap did u good they be crying out for more we like new born birds whining for food so feed us soon please and thank you papa Ren.

  1. I don’t know what the forecast for the next couple of days are in Washington but here in Indiana we’ll be lucky to have a high temperature in the single digits with wind chills going as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit (man I hate having to spell that word, it took several tries before I finally got it right!). Anyway thanks for the chapter and all your hard work Ren!

    1. Haha, I’m not quite going to give up my day job just yet, and I will say that this is really exhausting…but I am definitely very much moved by the support I have seen over the past month!

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