New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 18

Happy lunch reading, everyone! Here’s your first bonus chapter of the day – Book 6, Chapter 18 – The Visit.  An old, familiar face pays a visit to Linley! Enjoy the reading, and remember, new friends and fans, please consider having your Adblock off for this site alone if you like it!

This bonus chapter, as with all three bonus chapters 17 – 19, come to you via the donations from RG from Niagara Falls, Saganatsu, Zouave, TP from Minnesota, OD from Germany. Thanks to all of you for supporting Coiling Dragon!

As for chapter 20, thanks to a new donation from a donor who wishes to be anonymous, thanks to donations from Honaidy, kirindas, WR from Melbourne, AK from the UK, CD from California, MS from Germany, and SW from Washington, the queue has been cleared as well. You guys are crazy/awesome! Thanks, donors, and thanks, every person who has ever read, registered, or commented on a Coiling Dragon page/post!  Now, happy reading!

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  1. Since a new chapter is out i will post here about the mail from last time.

    It is a wordpress blog subscription that was in the check boxes that used to be under the comments box.

    If u checked the right one (can not remember which) it will follow the blog sending a email to the email acct ur wordpress acct is link to. After confirming the follow u will get a email each time(or did) u made a new post so the f5-fu was really unnecessary and more like shooting ur foot off since they merely had to subscribe to the blog and wait for the email and they will know the moment u posted.

    The last email i had gotten was:

    New post on World of Wuxia and Xianxia

    New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 16
    by RWX
    Okay, I pushed this one out as fast as I could, since I saw people were starting to get grumpy with each other over the last chapter. I didn’t even have a chance to have lunch yet, haha. Presenting the second bonus chapter of the day: Book 6, Chapter 16 – Limits. Have fun reading, guys, and be nice to each other!

    Let’s please give a big round of applause to the donors for this chapter, by UAM of Saudi Arabia, ZS of Qatar, PR of New Jersey, AA of Sweden, and AK of ISrael. Thank you guys! You are the best! And thanks as always to the fans of Coiling Dragon!

    Whew. Queue cleared for now. The queue for Chapter 17 has been started by RG from Niagara Falls! Thank you, RG! Time for some lunch.

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    srry this is a bit long.

  2. yep the check boxes are back. Now lets hope that the mail comes next chapter lol i have both my phone and one of my web browsers set to show when a new mail in that acct is in.

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