New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 17

Okay, guys, after all that website madness has been dealt with, I was able to finish up Book 6, Chapter 17 – The Plea.  This should’ve been up like two hours ago, and I was hoping to even be able to do a fourth chapter, but alas!  Still, I hope you enjoy the read!  New fans, please consider disabling Adblock for this website.  Thanks so much!

Bonus chapters 17 – 19 are all due to the donations from RG from Niagara Falls, Saganatsu, Zouave, TP from Minnesota, OD from Germany.  As for Chapter 20, kirindas, WR from Melbourne, AK from the UK, CD from California, MS from Germany, and SW from Washington have started the queue for 20 already.  Big thanks as always to our lovely (insane) donor fans!  For everyone else as well, thank you for your support, be it expressed in commenting, registering, or even silently reading.  Thank you!

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    1. Btw Ren, I’m the first one that contributed on your list that contributed to the Chapter 20 queue. Can you change it to my current user name? Forgot to comment about it when I gave the donation. I don’t want my personal info being spread too much.

      Sorry for the trouble.

  1. Did something happen to the following emails?
    I managed to find this chapter while i was reading comments in chapter 16’s main page (like this one for chapter 17) then was filled with the urge to go to chapter 16 then hit next chapter and there it was but did not get the email about the release/new post.

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