New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 16

Okay, I pushed this one out as fast as I could, since I saw people were starting to get grumpy with each other over the last chapter.  I didn’t even have a chance to have lunch yet, haha.  Presenting the second bonus chapter of the day: Book 6, Chapter 16 – Limits.  Have fun reading, guys, and be nice to each other!

Let’s please give a big round of applause to the donors for this chapter, by UAM of Saudi Arabia, ZS of Qatar, PR of New Jersey, AA of Sweden, and AK of ISrael.  Thank you guys!  You are the best!  And thanks as always to the fans of Coiling Dragon!

Whew.  Queue cleared for now.  Time for some lunch.

EDIT: Holy hell, you guys!  I come back from my late lunch, all full and relaxed, and WHAAAA?  The queue for Chapter 17, 18, and 19 are all cleared?!  Big thanks to RG from Niagara Falls, Saganatsu, Zouave, TP from Minnesota, OD from Germany.  Meanwhile, kirindas, AK from the UK, CD from California, MS from Germany, and SW from Washington have started the queue for 20 already?!  You guys are crazy!  Thank you guys so much!  Back to work, back to work!  Ra-ra-ra!

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      1. Thank you so much, Zouave! I just credited you and everyone else, and I will continue to do so as I work through the queue. Egads you guys are mad!

      2. Some rich kid should just donate the whole 40 grand or something that is needed to complete the series, im pretty sure RWX’s eyes would just pop out upon checking his paypal account

    1. Hi SpiralBaka, I am so sorry; we had a technical problem with the DNS again, which will be fixing itself over the next day or two. I will manually do as much as I can as well. Thank you so much for your patience and support!

  1. I must say I love the irony off it all…I mean her reason for leaving Linley was because he didn’t have enough money or influence and now she’s going to ask for those things exactly…I really love IETs way of revenge although I think Linley will still help her if not when she ask then when she’s really backed against a corner.

    Thanks for all the trans Ren.

    1. I hope not. Linley has matured overall and not naive like the first time he saved Alice, so taking that into account, I pray he doesn’t assist Alice. The Debs clan has it coming and Linley has his own revenge to take care of, shielding suspects may not turn out well for him. Well the next chapters will tell.

  2. Lol you should know ur cult better then to think they will let u rest while we still have hundreds of unread chapters. I foresee a chapter in the wings until they run dry on cash or we catch up to IET.

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