New Chapter Release! Book 6, Chapter 15

Whew.  Getting up in the morning at 7 AM every day has now become part of my daily habit.  Presenting another bonus chapter: Book 6, Chapter 15 – To Be Wronged.  Enjoy the read, folks, and remember to consider having your Adblock off!

This bonus chapter was brought to you by by JA in Georgia, TP of Minnesota, and RY of Australia!  Big round of applause to them for their donations!  The queue for Chapter 16 has been filled as well, by UAM of Saudi Arabia, ZS of Qatar, PR of New Jersey, AA of Sweden, and AK of ISrael.  And the queue for Chapter 17 has been started by RG from Niagara Falls!  Thanks to all of you donors!  And while I know I say it in every post, let me say it again; thank you, all readers, contributors, and fans of Coiling Dragon!  Thank you for coming, and as the song goes, I’m glad you came!

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  1. Firstly, Thank You for translating! I recently started reading this novel and couldn’t stop reading once I began. Also, I love the concept of bonus chapters and authors/licensors (probably not a word XD ) need to realize that people are willing to pay for good work…we just don’t want to wait 3+ years for the 1st volume to come out and another 3 years for it to get caught up!

    Secondly, it could just be me…but the home page of isn’t updating whenever you release a new chapter. I only found out there was releases by viewing it on my phone or by going to the forums page (on my PC) and looking at the recent posts.

    Lastly, thanks again for the hard work translating this great series! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks for coming and registering, ozmos3s! Yesterday, we were having some caching problems, so if you can refresh/flush your cache (either in your browser settings, or by ctrl+f5 on the main page), that should solve it. Thanks again, ozmos!

  2. Thank you for your hard work Ren. And also thank you donators.

    But god why always Alice I not like her since the very beginning but it just keeps getting worse -.-

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